About me

This is what I do and care about.

Dawid Wiktor is an entrepreneur, technologist and consultant with a mission to empower people and make the world more open, better place for all. He is a founder and chief executive officer of Media Scope Group, an Estonian integrated communication and behavior change agency. In 2020, Dawid launched Launchpad, a consulting arm of Media Scope Group, with aim to create a modern business platform that could reimagine the capitalism. Prior to Media Scope Group, Dawid worked as the CEO and CTO of Inspire, an emerging technologies venture, journalist focused on social issues and human rights, and government advisor.


Media Scope Group, Launchpad and reimagining capitalism

In 2018, Dawid decided to build a new venture focused on individually addressable advertising technologies, advanced data analytics, marketing and PR campaigns and behavioral change. He founded Media Scope Group. The company has become the champion of data-driven behavior change with no campaign lost. But it does not end there. Dawid wanted to use the power of his company’s technologies, scientific methodologies and experience to make a positive impact on the world. Media Scope Group launched MSG Social, a business and social venture to empower activists and organisations, engage communities, help them thrive and make a difference.

In 2020, Dawid decided to realise his innovative vision of a modern business platform that could positively impact the people’s lives, support economic development, sustainable growth and fight inequalities and poverty. He created Launchpad by Media Scope Group that evolved to Launchpad. At this date, Launchpad is focused on reimagining the capitalism and building a new economic model that would make our world a better place for all.


Dawid is known also as a consultant. He is an advisor in some companies from startups to large enterprises. He is specialised in startup, business, management and offshore consulting. All his consulting work is done through Launchpad and Media Scope Group. He is called a “problem-solver” because he can find the solution to any problem.

Other interests

In addition to Media Scope Group and Launchpad, Dawid has separately taken on some projects to address issues such as human rights, democracy, freedom of the media. He is also engaged in helping others to build innovative technologies and solutions for the Digital Age. Dawid also help projects and organisations that improve life for the poorest, improve access to education and healthcare.