Emerging technologies will impact on many industries

The future of driverless cars and autonomous vehicles instead of the vehicles operated by humans is coming. The thing that will replace pedals, driver controls, the steering wheel etc. is information technology. The vehicle will include a small cell technology deployed ubiquitously and will be communicating with other vehicles and within itself. Same information technologies powers smart cities and other innovations. Internet of Things (or Internet of Everything) is about improving our life’s quality, health etc. Innovations such as telehealth, driverless and autonomous vehicles will be empowered by 5G wireless networks with innovative solutions like edge computing or foggy computing.

The 5G revolution is coming and will create a lot of new opportunities in healthcare (e.g., remote surgery, remote diagnostics). 5G wireless networks will make everything faster and safer with greater functionalities. If deployment of 5G technology proceeds rapidly, smart cities, cars, drones, remote healthcare will happen. To adopt these innovations, it is critical to deploy 5G technology.

Thanks to emerging technologies like AI, communications is getting more intelligent. We will see the emergence of artificial intelligence in 2018 and next years in many industries. From virtual assistants and bots to business intelligence, translation and data analysis, AI will empower the world of data. AI will create a bright future for the unified communications and every industry in the world.

Technologies like AI will enable technologists to compare historical and current equipment states, enable startups and larger enterprises to avoid costly downtime, maximise uptime and to transform service parts supply chain from an inefficient model to a highly efficient just-in-time model. The technological revolution will force many businesses to explore new business models, sources of profits etc. Services will become important products.

Emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and IoT will empower the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry. AI has the potential to revolutionise life sciences industry from drug discovery to precision treatments of individual patients and surgeries. Emerging technologies will impact on cellular biotechnologies, genomic medicine, including personalised medicine, gene therapy and bioinformatics, novel engineered machines and organisms, nanotechnologies, molecular biotechnologies etc.

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